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; 从指尖传出的认真的热情; 從指尖傳出的認真的熱情; 指先から本気の熱情~チャラ男消防士はまっすぐな目で私を抱いた~; 指尖传递他的热情; 指尖傳遞他的熱情 Rimuru initially appears as a blue-bodied Slime, but on becoming a Demon Slime, his overall body turns silver with streaks of gold. Considering that his slime body is equivalent in mass to his human type, Rimuru fills this system with rel... http://free-light-novel-online40582.aioblogs.com/22679764/a-review-of-read-tensei-shitara-slime-datta-ken-online-free-at-readnovelfull-com


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